A F R I C A . The relation between Malaria - Climate Change & Deforestation is connected. DAM's  ‘ Green Earth Project ′ was established in 1999, as a response to the destruction of forests and the lack of action to prevent it.  


We encourage local communities to make important commitments to protect their vital green habitat and to recognize the enormous value of natural food recourses. Drive Against Malaria's Green Earth Project have demonstrated successes in the past; saving and planting trees is a must for human well-being and for the peoples very survival. 

The campaign 'For Every Child a Tree' started in Zimbabwe after the concern of local communities. We influence the growing awareness and the need to protect the natural world they live. -  By planting trees we make an enormous impact on the biodiversity, creating activities to deforest areas, planting fruit-producing trees, reducing hunting and on the other side growing health instead of malnutrition. ←